The island’s capital Patmos or Chora (Hora) is built 3 km southwest of the harbour (Skala).

It spills under the walls of the monastery of St.John like roots of a tree. Many islands have villages called Hora, they are usually the main village s and first settlement s making them the oldest developed areas on their island.

Chora of Patmos is many times been referred to as the queen of all Chora’s, not only because of the monastery, but for the Byzantine residences that are unique to the island and said to be the strongest built in the Aegean .

Whitewashed houses, mansions, captain’s residences, narrow streets and alleyways, all of which date back to the 15th century are some of the reasons why our Chora is evidently one of the most expensive areas in Europe. Bought out mainly by foreigners the houses in Chora are in high demand.